Saturday, August 6, 2011

Visit From The Grands

It's always nice to see the grandsons.  They arrived this afternoon and we had a nice visit.  Since it's my DIL's birthday, we went out to eat at Sagebrush.  Nice food, nice visit, nice waitress.  They left a bit ago and it's been a wonderful day full of wonderful memories.  Didn't even take my camera out.  Bad bad Nana. 

The boys colored and I was given one picture to keep - it's now on my refrigerator. 

I'm thinking I need a special place for it - or else a nice frame so they can see that I treasure their artwork.  Another thing I want to do is some research online to get some ideas on how I can use their artwork for some projects.  Like transferring the artwork to a tee shirt.  I did that once for Sweetz and he still LOVES that tee shirt!!  Maybe we could have matching shirts!  They love to color so was thinking I could find some coloring pages online that I could print out to have ready.  I think I'm down to about my last 4.  Yikes, it's time for my printer to get busy on some new ones! 

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