Friday, August 19, 2011

I Really Should Be Cleaning

Yep, the operative word is "should".  Not that I "wanna", just that I should.  Oh well, who would care?  Probably not as much as it would have bothered me in my former life.  Seems to me that some dust on the furniture and miniblinds could be a good thing.  For one thing, Sweetz and I could write dust messages to each other, almost better than a chalk board.  Talk about going "green". 

He picked a few veggies this morning - things are definitely winding down. But he did plant some new seeds three days ago and proudly told me this morning that the beets have already sprouted!  Wow, three days - now that's nearly instant gratification. 

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon and evening with some good friends.  First was some visiting and chatting, then off for a nice meal at a country restaurant.  We could have ordered from the menu, but decided we'd save some time and choose the buffet since we had to wait longer than usual for our table.  They were holding an entire section of the restaurant for a party of 35...which never arrived.  Gracious.  But we were eventually seated and enjoyed our meal.  Then off down the road to Snow Camp to see an outdoor drama.  We saw the musical, "Singing In The Rain", which was quite good with local talent.  I knew or had heard some of the songs, but not all.  Plus, I didn't know the story of the play.  I meant to do a bit of research before we left so I'd have the gist of the story...but that didn't happen.  Oh well, so much for following through on great ideas. 

There are some old buildings scattered about to walk through: barns, one-room school house, meeting house, merchantile, spring house, cabins, etc. scattered around which are interesting to see.  I took some pictures with my little point and shoot camera which were a disappointment. 

Note to self:  study up on how to take better pictures with this thing before it is thrown into the trash!

We stopped at Charles/Mary's house to get our car and for a bit more chat and share time then headed home through the country trying our best to avoid deer hanging out on the side of the road.  It didn't take us long to brush our teeth and land in the bed - midnight is not our usual gettin' ta bed time.  But what we won't do to have a great time with friends!

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