Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Big Yellow Buses

We actually got some much-needed rain today!!! WoooHooo was I excited.  There are towns a few miles away which didn't get any rain at all.  Wish I could have shared with them.  We got over an inch and I'm thankful.  It did come with dark skies, wind, and noisy thunder and lightning though.  But, you don't hear me complaining.  Bring it on. At this point, I'll endure most anything for an inch of rain. 

School starts tomorrow for some of the area systems.  Brings back memories of having new pencils and notebook paper plus a few new clothes.  While at Wal-Mart on Saturday I was fascinated with parents pushing buggies heaped with expensive fancy matching items while seemingly in a trance at all the things listed on their kid's school list.  One man grumbled in my direction as he followed his excited kids, "My kids actually think money grows on trees!"   Maybe a "No" would be a good reply. Just saying... 

But I'm out of that game now and I had to smile at the bedlam around me.  Didn't take me long to scoot to the opposite end of the store where peace prevailed. WM would have been smarter to have put the school supplies in the back of the store so that the customers and their excited kiddies would have to pass by the other departments where little hands could be reaching out for new shoes, the latest fashions, and roomy backpacks.  I bought a Coke and sat at a booth and watched as exhausted parents traded their money to the cashiers for a few bags of perky school supplies.  Tomorrow morning the big yellow buses will roll down the roads.  Ahhhh, the memories...

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