Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Ok, ok, I vented yesterday about the stock market and my worry about my country.  Today, the situation is really no better but still is a cause for concern. I read a bunch of blogs last night, and not one mentioned the situation. Not one single one.  I promise to give that topic a rest - at least in this post. But in my heart I still will ponder our country's future.  

Today, Sweetz and I headed down the road to run a few errands and pick up a few needed items.  It seems obvious to me that the roads are less traveled and the restaurants aren't as full as they used to be.  While out, we ate at a Japanese restaurant but there were few customers - perhaps a handful.  Sometimes I wonder if I am just imagining the numbers are down.  Something else to add to my  ponder list.

Today was hot but not as hot as in recent days.  Today's high was 95 with 71% humidity.  The humidity is now 35% and is much more comfortable for any outdoor activities.  I would stay outside, but a neighbor is burning something and the wind is bringing the smoke to our yard so I decided coming back inside was the healthiest move, at least until he finishes. Of course, his thin trail of smoke might keep the mosquitoes away.  Hey, that would be a plus! We have a resident bat who must be happy around here while daily eating 70% of her body weight in bugs.  Perhaps our little winged friend spending her days behind a house shutter should be given a proper name. Of course it's a "she" - since there was a baby earlier this year!  A proper name will be something else to ponder.

Yesterday, I stored our pressure canner along with a few jars and supplies since our garden is giving us fair warning that it does not plan to supply us for many more days.  This heat and lack of rainfall has put the skids on any plant's ability to reward us with much more than a handful of veggies at this point.  Well, I'm thinking the demise of the garden might free up the willingness of my MainMan to consider getting out of Dodge for a few days in the camper.  WoooHoooo.  Will he ponder it?

This hot summer has been oppressive and long so the arrival of fall will be cheered.  Our oak trees have few acorns so that's a plus knowing we won't have to be raking those pesky things from the flowerbeds. There will be plenty of leaves to rake though.  Our black walnut trees have few nuts this year also.  A few years ago I used to make woven baskets and I would make my stain from the walnut husks. But no baskets require no stain.  I might ponder the idea of weaving a basket or two while Sweetz ponders the idea of a roadtrip.

This morning, the husband of a friend was scheduled for a cardiac cath with possible stent placement.  I've been praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

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