Friday, August 5, 2011

Sad Days

It's difficult losing a loved one, really really difficult.  Thankfully, I have some methods of relief.  One is prayer, another is a multitude of great memories.  Yesterday was a difficult day - seemed nothing gave me relief from the sadness; I think I cried most of the day.  So, I wallowed in self pity.  But things finally worked out for me to begin breathing again.  And I think I'll be ok for another period of time.  I phrase it that way since I don't know how long the good times will last, nor when one of the sad days will swoop down and encompass me in the big black pit of depression. 

As I got to mom's today, she got up from her chair and fell down - smack onto the floor.  I wanted her to stay on the floor until I knew everything was ok, but she got up anyway.  Her foot swelled a little while I was there and she said it hurt to walk.  Eventually, we found a boot she had previously used, and she said that it helped her foot feel better especially when she needed to walk.  She wanted me to drive her into town for some errands, so after it was determined that she seemed ok, we went.  She waited in the car while I either used the drive-through windows or went inside for her. When I dropped her back off at home, she seemed to be doing ok, but I'll check again in an hour or so just to make sure.  She DID NOT want to go to the Emergency Room but if she isn't feeling better in a couple of days, that's exactly where we will be going. 

Our son had an interview today and he said it went well.  They are to let him know the first of the week if he will be offered the job.  Seems there are two candidates in the running but I plan to remain optimistic that he DEFINITELY is the better choice.  :)

Mom talked to my SIL and nephew today.  They seem to be handling my brother's death as well as can be expected at this stage.  They had several questions about his visit and it seems they are trying to figure out why he died.  Guess they are in the What If stage.  My nephew emailed me a picture of the 65 Mustang that Wayne had restored.  Seems he is enjoying driving it around his mom's hometown.   

Our son and family are planning to visit us tomorrow afternoon/evening and we're to go out for dinner to celebrate my DIL's recent birthday.  My DIL has been out of  town at a conference for several days so I'm thinking she might prefer to stay home so we might reschedule the visit another weekend.   

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