Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Road Trip to Asheboro

The NC Zoo is located in Asheboro as well as some very nice people.  We drove to their fair town today for a bit of adventure and to see some old friends.  We visited with them for a couple of hours and then headed around some country roads to find one of our favorite eateries - mostly because the food is good and the wait staff is even better.  It's the Dixie III, so I'm figuring there is a I and II somewhere.  Sweetz got the spaghetti special while I chose chicken and two veggies.  Must have been excellent, because both of us ate nearly every morsel, and that's highly unusual - at least for me.  We were debating about ordering one of their scrumptious desserts, but decided it was best to stop with our tummies full instead of overfilling just to get a sweet taste. 

Our nice waitress directed us to a local nursery when we asked for directions.  She explained where it was located to the out-of-towners that we were, then came back with detailed directions, down to what was at each corner where we turn and the names of all the roads, all written nicely on the back of one of the order sheets.  Yep, she got a nice tip.

Sweetz wanted some fall veggie plants so we found Weston's to be just what we wanted.  We left with a variety of cabbage plants.  They will provide some good eating this fall. 

The drive was nice and I didn't even open the book I brought for entertainment in case things got boring.  We noticed there are a few trees (mostly poplar) which are beginning to show some yellow leaves.  The poplars aren't pretty in this area, but the leaves turn a pretty yellow but with splotchy brown areas and then fall to the ground.  But from a distance they give an early hint to the end of summer. 

We drove around in the downtown historic area of Asheboro and saw their Confederate Park.  There was a beautiful building with great architecture seldom seen in a town this size. 

Our GPS had a raspy female voice that was accidentally changed in a haste makes waste moment.  Today was the day chosen to return 
to Rhoda, our Queen Voice of the Roads. much more pleasant to hear her familiar and understandable voice.   

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