Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Wet Stuff

11am:  It's RAINING.  Yes, the wet stuff is falling.  Last evening we got over 1.5 inches in the rain gauge!! And the rain barrel filled up quickly which I think holds 50 gallons.  The overflow tube rushed  freely into the yard making it obvious we could easily use several barrels just at this one downspout.  I must admit I never knew that much rain hit one section of the roof!!  So, where could we get another 50 gallon barrel?  Never have noticed them for sale anywhere, or even free for the taking either for that matter.  NOOO, we won't be paying those big buck$ for another rain barrel from a lawn and garden  business.  One is enough to use as a guide to make more.  It's simple when you see how it works. 

It's raining lightly again now.  But the rain barrel is already full.  Our plants have perked up beautifully and already look like they will all survive.  I'm thankful for every drop.  It makes outdoor activities more difficult but I'll vote for the rain this time.

The market was volatile this week - it zoomed up and down so fast it made my brain dizzy.  The market reflects the unease with our own country's economy but also is innately related to the global economy.  Sure wish I knew more about how to inve$t in the stock market to capture money in those stocks which are gaining in value. Sure isn't fun watching the value of our meager funds spiral downward. 

Our garden is also in it's downward spiral in the production cycle.  We have a few tomatoes so this might be the day to stay dry inside and munch on a tomato sandwich for lunch.  A pickle and a few chips on the side - what could be tastier?  Well, a bite of cantaloupe might be worth the challenge!

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