Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wyndham Golf Day

Sweetz & Son attended the Wyndham Championship Golf Tournament today.  Must have been quite a day, because the Mr. was full of chatter and details when he arrived home. 

I enjoyed my day, went to lunch with mom today where they advertise the "food is made from scratch".  Ever so good.  Didn't eat it all so brought the rest home. It's beginning to be normal to see at least one of those white take-out containers in our fridge.  Better to see the food there than in the trash.  But this container won't be in there for long - because...I have plans for it tomorrow!

Quite a bit of time was spent today organizing my digital pictures.  I have 8 memory cards and some were brimming with pictures.  Yeah, yeah, yeah...sometimes it's just easier to put a fresh card in the camera than to burn them to a CD.  Well, today was the day they got burned.  The computer was just sizzling with activity and all the pictures are now named and grouped in folders, burned to CDs with appropriate month/year and folder/contents. And now 7 of the cards have been swiped clean with the format button and anxious for more pictures. Whew, glad that job's done. I also made a couple of CDs for my sister-in-law that she requested which holds pictures of my brother. Then another one for some friends that has pictures of them that I've taken over the years. That one is a surprise for her birthday! I'm promising myself to keep us with this job more often.  Usually do, but it got away from me - plus about half of the memory cards were old ones that I found in a camera case in the closet. Time to get organized.  

But the question remains, who will EVER look at these pictures? Well, occasionally I need some info or a certain picture, and yes, it's usually a piece of cake to find it.  Our son will probably dump all these CDs in the trash when we die and it won't matter to me then.  It was just worth it to enjoy being bitten by the photography bug during my lifetime.


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