Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paint Brushes

I handpainted on the front of two purses. They look me at least.  One is for a friend and I'll give it to her tomorrow for her birthday. 

They are fabric and totally lined with contrasting fabric and sport a nice pocket inside.  Nope, didn't make these.  I bought the purses at a gift shop and decided I'd paint something on them.  The paint had to dry for a few days so tonight I pressed them to set the paint. Now, which one should I give to my friend for her birthday?  I'm hoping she doesn't see this blog until tomorrow...but if she sees it first,
maybe she'll choose the one she prefers.  

Now that I'm in a painting mode, Sweetz better keep an eye on all his jeans and tees because I could paint something on most anything that doesn't move. 

Big Irene is moving through but for some reason God has decreed that this will uniquely have a dry underbelly.  Absolutely not one drop of rain has fallen in our yard.  I do believe this is the first time for a dry hurricane.  The temps cooled today and the slight breeze was nice, but again, it was dry so we will continue to work our way to being a desert.  Might as well start thinking of appropriate names.

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