Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family and Friends

Due to some conflicts, my friend and I had to reschedule today's lunch date for Monday.  She still works so I want to be adaptable and work around her schedule. 

I talked to mom this morning and we decided to head in another direction to visit with a cousin and her husband.  What a delight they are!  Lillian worked on the staff of several churches and her husband worked at Burlington Industries.  We've visited with them many times but today must rank right up there with the sweetest.  They told me how they met and other interesting tidbits of their lives which I had never heard before. They are a delightful  and hospitable couple who I'm proud to call family. Mom (on the left) and I had a memorable visit and I can't wait to visit them again. (And YES, Walt smiles like this all the time!)

Tomorrow, another friend and I will attend the viewing of our mutual friend, Linda, who lost her battle with cancer yesterday afternoon. 

I repaired a pair of pink capris that had several loose buttons.  I might wear them tomorrow!!!  This pair probably will make crossing my legs uncomfortable, but at least I can look fashionable.  Speaking of fashion, I went to TJMaxx today and was floored with some of the ladies' clothes on the racks!  Good gracious, so many were pieces of junk made of flimsy fabrics that looked like a couple of kindergarten kids were let loose with a piece of fabric and a pair of scissors and told to create something ugly.  Nope, didn't buy any of them but will keep what I have.  I'll wear my old clothes proudly until they either fall apart or the fashion designers come up with something decent for me to have a reason to part with my money. 


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