Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Loss of Another Friend

Another death swoops down to swallow us again.  This time a former co-worker, a sweet woman who was always willing to help.  She was a friend who would listen when you needed to vent.  She was a nurse who kept everything running smoothly even in trying moments, one who could handle all types of people, knew nursing from inside out and back.  We've lost another friend to cancer.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the family left who grieve her passing.  But we're joyous at the same time that she is in Heaven with her Savior and those who've gone before must have joyously greeted her at the gate upon her arrival this afternoon.  We must all face death.  It's the friends and family left who mourn their loss.  But death will come to each of us and we must be ready.  

It's terribly dry here, things are looking like a drought has arrived.  The grass is drying up which cracks under your feet as you walk, the flowers are having a hard time, and the garden is suffering from lack of rainfall.  Sweetz waters some, but it's not enough. Our rain barrel remains vigilant for the next rain.  The sky clouded over for a few minutes this afternoon, and as I was outside, I actually felt 3.75279 drops of rain on my arms.  But the clouds blew away.  Hopefully, some other location received some rain and our turn will come later.  Sooner rather than later would be nice.  I will try to be patient.  But in the meantime, it was a fabulous day to make a pitcher of sun tea. Now, I might want to figure out how to cook outdoors in a solar oven - you know, harness the power of the sun for a good purpose.  And eating is always a good reason.  

I'm trying to limit my intake of caffeine.  Oh dear, is it ever difficult. The Coke bottles and cans scream my name tempting me with their cool refreshing taste.  And the headaches have already hit hard. But I will drink my delicious sun tea or water until I conquer the temptation of the unhealthy beverages. 

Tomorrow I am to meet a friend for lunch in another city.  I need to enter the address of her workplace into my GPS before I leave so I can sit back and enjoy the view while not worrying about the turns- while Rhoda, our Road Queen, navigates me flawlessly to her facility.  I'm charging my phone, and I will take my camera.  Who knows what lovelies I will see along the way. 

The stock market fell again today.  It was reported that trillions of dollars of people's fortune has been lost in just a few weeks.  We can only hope and pray that things settle down our prez takes a much-needed vacation to Martha's Vineyard. 

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