Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a Hint

There's a hint of fall in the plants and flowers around here although the dry weather we've experienced isn't helping to stretch out the summer.  Dry, crackly, brittle, buggy - definitely not my favorite time of the year.  The weatherman says it is more seasonable with temps in the normal range.  Sure, sure.  Well, let me stress once again, it is too hot for me! Maybe we should move to a more northern location. 

I have been hinting to go camping.  My Sweetz can't be jumped started - he's a slow simmer type of guy. He gave me a look of agreement today, so I'm thinking he's warming up to heading out.  Let's hope so.  He mentioned he'd like to own a few acres of property that could be used for free camping.  I commented it would be a good idea to have electricity, water, and septic system too...with a lake or stream and a great view of the mountains... Ahhh, we can dream!

Today was another runaround day.  Since the gas tank was nearly empty, it was filled; got the car inspected and renewed the registration for another year; bought a birthday gift in a local gift shop for a friend; updated our multiple vehicle insurance and even got the rate reduced $100 for the year (yippeee) and got that paid; mailed a picture CD to my sister-in-law in one of those darling colored mailers sold at the PO; and finished my errands with a stop for a few groceries. 

While I was out in the bright sunshine and heat today, I developed a migraine so I hurried along home. The aura was gone by then but the pounding was in full force. Main Guy put everything away for me while I hit the bed with a cold cloth and eye wrap.

On a stroll out and about in the yard late this afternoon, I shot a few pictures of our dry yard.  Pitiful.  Sure need rain.  

Two small pumpkins
The hydrangea blooms are drying on the bush 

Orange zinnia brightens the flowerbed
And this guy was watching me a long time before I noticed him.  After I got a fairly decent picture, I walked away to take these other pictures and when I came back to where he was, he had quickly crossed the sidewalk to the flowerbed and was bedding down under a bush in some leaves.  Sleep well my little friend, tomorrow is another day.

male turtle: has red eyes and is more colorful than female

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