Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Monday

It's another Monday -  and definitely a beautiful one.  A near perfect 76* with a warm sun and gentle breeze.  Perhaps I can ignore the fact that we're dry to parched around here.  Our weekend was a calm one which included church and time with friends.  My friend celebrating her birthday seemed to like the painted purse.  Sweetz picked the one to give her - which was black and white with the bright red strawberries on the front. It was great to spend time with special friends.  One couple joined the church Sunday - the other couple and ourselves...well, we haven't reached that decision yet.

Sweetz and I are deep in the process of planning a fall getaway.  We've perused tour company catalogs, studied maps, and contemplated places of interest. We have fluctuated between trading our $$$ for days of pampering versus traveling on our own.  Seems the "on our own" is bubbling to the top at this point.  What to do, where to go?  Those are the questions which will find answers - soon.  Soon, right???   

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