Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drizzling Around The Middle

We actually got a bit of RAIN today.  That is the wet stuff that occasionally drops from the sky.  Our area must have been in the "absolutely no rain!" section of the country because it seems like weeks since we've gotten our feet wet.  God is in control, He will bless us with rain when He determines - but I was definitely getting worried.  We'll be fine for a few days.  1/4 inch doesn't sound like much but it has the worth of solid gold bricks right now in our scorched area. 

And the temps have really DROPPED.  Really.  It's 68* right now and it's barely after 7pm.  Nope, not complaining, just spewing meteorological data.  Mom has been suffering with an air conditioner that didn't want to pump out cold air and several techies have checked this and that with no improvement.  Today, tech #4 came and cleaned out her unit where mud, leaves, and pollen was clogging the works.  She called to say it is working beautifully now.  I told her she would probably want the hot weather back so she could prove it shoots out cold air.  She answered that she was satisfied with the cool outdoor temperatures.  We're both convinced the hot weather will return soon enough.   

Sweetz popped some of my favorite (and incidentally all wash in cold water) clothes in the washer today and then dried them (a definite no-no).  Must say, I was not very happy.  He knew he was in big trouble so he volunteered to fix supper - and clean the kitchen afterwards.  Doesn't quite make up for the mistake but at least I will talk to him again.  Looks like I will be heading out to buy myself some new blouses.  Pity too, because I really liked these - that are now a size 0.  I don't really want the pitiful clothes that are for sale right now - which will also shrink to size 0 if washed in warm water and dried in the dryer.  Don't like the styles, don't like the fabric, don't like the workmanship.  I can sew - perhaps I should grab some fabric and make my own!  Or lose enough weight to wear these doll size 0 blouses.  Our town doesn't have clothing stores worth a flip, so it will mean a day trip.  Could be fun, except I don't like to shop.  But maybe knowing I have nothing decent to wear will prompt me to rethink that feeling.  Ummm, maybe tomorrow.  Maybe I should take Laundry King to share my misery...and then celebrate with lunch on the town.  Well, perhaps I should check out our own town a bit first - there just might be a clothing store worth a second glance.  


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