Saturday, July 7, 2012

Found What We Needed

It's like a broken record...I'd flip to something else if I could get my brain around it.  But however you face the thermometer, it's still HOT.  Not a normal hot - but an ultra hot - a steamy hot - a lingering until you wilt hot.  It will get better, right?

I decided I needed to invest in a back-up battery pack for my camera and didn't have the time to order one online so decided a visit to a camera store was the best bet at this point.  This time I drove to Burlington, NC where they have a branch of Camera Corner.  Actually, I never heard of that store, but after doing some extensive internet searching, I found there's a camera store in Burlington.  Since that town is an interesting little town just the right size for some activity, stores, eateries, etc., it was decided to check it out.  They didn't open until 10am this morning, so I had to wait to call to verify if they had one of these battery packs in stock.  Yes, the man said.  WHEW!  Mom wanted to go with me so off we headed.  About halfway there she doubted she turned her coffeepot off.  So, knowing no one had a key to her house, I turned around and headed back to learn that she had, indeed, turned it off.  Better safe than sorry I'd say. Told her I might have to create a check-off list to use before I took her anywhere again - or maybe she should invest in a timer. 

We headed back to Burlington, checked out Camera Corner (I was rather impressed with their inventory and also the helpful staff).  I also bought a "generic" lens cap to replace the one I lost about three weeks ago. 

The new battery pack is now fully charged and the lens cap is protecting the lens --- and I'm relieved once again. 

Mom wanted to shop for some summer pants since all of hers are getting too big.  IMAGINE TOOOOOO BIG!  So, we landed at the Belk HOT parking lot and surely browsed at every item in the store.  Not being a shopaholic, I saundered through quickly then found a seat and played with my smartphone.  By then, she had found a pair of pants she liked but couldn't find a "jacket" or shirt to wear as a jacket.  OK, SwiftShopper to the rescue!  I took the pants and headed out with a mission in mind and nothing would deter me from my destinated result.  FOUND IT too.  Probably was literally the last top in the store as I hustled systematically up one aisle and down the next, scanning left and right with an eye for the perfect top.  Showed her how my choice would go with the pants and gave her several options for tee tops under it. She smiled.  I smiled.  She headed to the fitting room to try them on.  Everything fit, so she bought the pants and the open weave crocheted cardigan plus one of the tees.  Classy is the word I would use to describe the look.  She is a classy lady and those flippy gauzy ruffly sparkly tops are not her look.  Now wish I could find something for myself this easily.  But it wasn't my day today.  And I'm always happy to help her find something that she likes.

We ate lunch at Tea For Two which was delicious as usual.  Then after the shopping tour and prior to heading home, we had a light supper at The Blue Ribbon  Diner. 

Well, I had a light dinner of veggies - she indulged in a huge homemade peach cobbler with ice cream.  And she still weighs 112, soaking wet, while holding a cement block.     

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