Monday, July 30, 2012

Started with Italian and Ended with Gold

Mom went with us today to meet Brian for lunch at Elizabeth's.  Nice place which really takes special care of their customers which is the reason we keep returning.  Our waiter, Shawn, was outstanding who oversaw our needs with us barely noticing.  That's the way I like it.  Sweetz and I got pasta - he ate all his and I could only eat half - but I'm sure it was the best half!  :)  A take-out container is holding the rest of it in the fridge for tomorrow - along with some leftover chicken from Sunday's lunch. 

After lunch we met Tina at her office to give her the wedding pictures on a zip drive.  I had a cute bag with some special touches. 

I tucked the zip drive in the fortune cookie, which was used at the reception, as a "holder".  In the picture I have the drive pulled out just a bit to show it's there, but since it was small, it snugly fit completely down in the felt "fortune cookie".  

Tina looked at some of the pictures on her computer and after tearing up, she actually cried.  What a fabulous lady she is along with a super guy who is now her husband.  She then opened the package containing the paperweight which had a picture of her and Chris on the bottom which radiated throughout all the clear faceted glass sides.  She lovingly held it for a long time, then gently placed it on her desk.  

While there, we were given a tour of the building and got to meet some of the nicest people you'd ever want to know.  Everyone was so gracious to each person who worked there.  The CEO and all the management team treated everyone - all the way down to the lowest paid employee with the utmost respect.  I have never been in a business that radiated this sort of respectful behavior.  Most of the administration came out of their offices to meet me and seemed genuinely happy to meet me.  In comparison to the last place I worked, it was phenomenal the difference the way management  treated each employee.  I've always thought that if the management treated each employee with genuine respect then the employees would be willing to give their all to the company.  But it doesn't seem many companies understand this philosophy.  But walking around this business you could see immediately the respect that each person was afforded. 

Mom, Sweetz, and I then headed to Lowes and Home Depot to pick up a few plumbing items and some storage containers. Maybe now I can get the rest of my off-season stack of clothes stored and will be able to finally clean my craft promises, but it does sound good at this moment.     

We ended our trip with a stop at one of those places where you put your choice of frozen flavor(s) of yogurt in a container, then top it off with any choices of fruit, nuts, chocolate, candy, syrups, etc.  The price is determined by weight.  It's rather expensive, but oh, oh, oh, it is good as an occasional treat. 

Both of our grandsons competed in the Junior Olympics for the stacking cups division in Houston, TX, last weekend.  Both placed - one with a gold metal and the other with a silver. 

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