Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey, I'm normal...at least when I say I like clothes and shoes.  I just don't normally like to shop for them.  But still being undecided on what I'll wear to the wedding Saturday, when mom asked if I would take her to Hamricks today, I agreed. 

We ate lunch in a nice little restaurant and it was fabulous.  Then we found Hamricks and spent a couple of hours browsing the clothing racks.  Couldn't find anything made in USA but I tried.  My mind finally settled on red - my favorite color.   This color will certainly stand out from the crowd - maybe not the best selection for a wedding photographer - but that's probably what they'll get.  And certainly everyone will be able to easily follow the lady in red around as I sweetly mold the people to do as I wish - ultimately for the best wedding photos this side of the Canadian border! 

Near Hamricks is a neat frozen yogurt shop - one of those with over a dozen choices of yogurt and 50 toppings from cherries to chocolate - from walnuts to kiwi.  Of course, it had to be checked out.  And we found it was yummy in the tummy.

The bride emailed me her final wedding day itinerary last night so I jotted notes all over the copy I printed and think I have my plans down in wet sand.  Not sure where I can keep these sheets so they are convenient...but maybe by Sat I will have everything committed to memory.  Not sure I'm THAT GOOD. 

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