Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Touch of Drama

Today, we went to Ferrum, Virginia, for a lunch and musical drama at the Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre.  The theatre is located on the campus of Ferrum College.  Today's production was The Night Loretta, Mother Maybelle, and Jeannie Riley Spent in Jail by Rex Stephenson and Emily Tucker.  With the locale of the production taking place in the old south, there was a menu of southern cuisine which included chicken and dumplings, rolls, eggplant, potato salad, pasta salad, sweet tea, pecan name a few. 

The gorgeous dining room offered beautiful window views of the campus and surrounding mountains.  We were seated at a table with several transplanted northerners who had relocated to the Smith Mountain Lake area.  Let's say they were out of our league with their huge diamonds on each ear and nearly each finger.  One sweet lady was originally from London, England, who was charming in both her accent and nature.  Everyone at the table was very nice and we all had a great table conversation.  One lady and I were the only ones originally from the south.  Sweetz was able to fit right in since he hails from New York state.

In the auditorium we were seated next to a wonderful couple who seemed to just fall in love with Sweetz.  The ladies on my side were also charming and we chatted before the show and during intermission like old friends.  I wish some of these people were my neighbors!   

The situation in Syria is very tense and analysts are predicting the regime may not survive more than just a few more hours.  In fact, the entire area seems to be spinning out of control as we watch.  There seem to be no resolution in sight.  And then there was a terrorist bus explosion in Israel.  Gracious, where is the peace we need in our world?

On our return home through the hills of this beautiful area, we found a possibility for a future retirement home we thought we could just requires a weeeeee LITTLE BIT of fix up before we could call it "home".   

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