Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pounding Away

I've been down with another migraine. GRRRR  Now, please tell me WHY I had another migraine?  Wish I knew the cause of them...then I could make a mint selling tickets to my speeches and could rake in a ton of money selling my books.  My head is still tender - which feels like I've been struck in the back of the head with a hammer. Ouch 

We received just a tad over two INCHES of rain today.  YESSIREE BOB, right here in Drought City.  Saw the rain gauge  with my own two crossed eyes. Had to get confirmation from The Mister that I wasn't seeing migraine double.  That rain just came down like normal rain - like in the olden days.  None of that recent sprinkling spit resembles dew stuff.  Nope, this was RAIN - falling from the dark sky.  Had my two hands replacing the emptied gauge when I realized I didn't have a picture.  Why, no one will believe me! OK, you'll just have to trust me on this one.   

As nice as the rain was, it still didn't explain WHY I had to suffer yet another migraine?  Especially right after I already had one DAYS ago.  Just not fair.  Need to redistribute the wealth - like someone else I know.  I can't find any takers though - but maybe I can just change the laws - like this same person I've heard of...

With blurry eyes, I have not been able to read.  In fact, at the beginning of one of these attacks, my brain doesn't want to function much at all.  There is literally some brain malfunction - I can't think of words, I can't even read labels - words look like Greek.  Why I can't even pronounce fairly simple words.  But that stage only lasts approximately 30 minutes, then I come back to my senses.  I knew it would be too embarrassing to type a blog when I wouldn't know what to say - even if I did, I wouldn't know how to spell the words.  Yep, decided it would be better to lay off the serious stuff until  brain function returns.  Why someone might feel the urge to assist me into a straight jacket so I could be "helped"... The Mister felt like he needed to fix supper - probably not to help me as much as he realized I wouldn't be cooking for a day or so.  He tried...but the squash was squishy, the beans mushy, the meat overcooked, the tea watery, the cucumbers bland.  But he tried...and I lived to breathe another day.  Bless his heart...

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