Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thinking BIG thoughts

I'm trying out different fonts...think it will make my entries more interesting?  Doubt it, but it might keep MY interest high.  I don't like same ol', same ol'.  So tell me, how does Sweetz Stuff get to stick around?  He knows he needs to offer variety...  

The day started with me in the kitchen fixing a "big brunch" and it filled our tummies for hours.  Then dinner time arrived and I just DID NOT want to face another meal prep!  So, off we went to Ruby Tuesday to allow the chief cook and bottle washer a reprieve.  We both chose meatloaf which just happened to offer a trip to their garden bar. Fiber, fiber, fiber.

Mom stopped in to visit this morning on her way to Wal-Mart.  She was venting about different things so I listened and allowed her time to work things out.  Whew, was she ever in a prickly mood!  By the time she left, she was calmer and things had been smoothed over.  She might need to get her thyroid level checked! 

Tomorrow we will again visit a church we previously attended for a few weeks.  YES, it just so happens to be where quite a few good friends attend when we all left our previous church.  Can anyone say "Divide?"  They are there/we are elsewhere. I miss them, but Sweetz likes another church better.  Ummm, I might need to put my wifely skills to work and see if I can get him to prefer this other church better.  Could be I need to work on some hypnosis techniques while I'm at it. Think he would stare at a swinging watch long enough to fall into my trance?  Excuse me now while I go find a watch and long chain...     



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