Monday, July 16, 2012

The Itinerary

My bride emailed me her wedding itinerary today.  It's down to the minute.  Sounds like it could be overkill, but actually it gives a great overview of what she wants.  I crunched the items and made notes on the side for my best position for photos.  Rather looking forward to the day.  I've had a dry period for taking wedding photos, so this will be exciting to get back in the groove.  Weddings are usually joyous occasions - a beautiful bride and handsome groom. I would decline the Adam and Steve type. The weather forecast looks wonderful.  

My dental appointment today was rather uneventful - I relaxed in the big reclining chair while the well-paid staff circled around. 

I walked out broker and they were smiling.  I then spent a fun hour with my financial adviser who is a lovely lady filled with  personality.  Guess I'm ok...but who really has any confidence with this economy and the people in control of our lives???  Saw my property tax amount moves on for some and is enough to make others weep.  Retirement aint for the faint of heart.   


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