Monday, July 2, 2012

Hammers Pounding

No hammers pounding in reality, but it sure feels like it.  In my case, it's a migraine that came on while I was in town exchanging my library books. Not sure what brought it on, but it arrived as I was trying to read a sign and noticed I couldn't focus on the letters.  That's the sure sign.  Then I closed my eyes and there it was - the dreaded "light show"which starts as a small loop and then grows brighter and larger, piercing in its intensity while flashing the brightest lights ever known to mankind.  Then the headache arrives shortly thereafter to gnaw through what's left of the brain.  Usually they last three days and I've made it through one.  Can't believe I can concentrate enough to type this - actually working in the dim light with the computer screen dimmed to a lower setting and I'm peeking out of one eye. Ouch

Had so many plans for the day - things to do, but I will slow down and wait for this painful experience to fade.  They will wait.  And I'm thankful I have the opportunity to stay home and nurse the pain til it departs for other shores.  


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