Sunday, July 1, 2012

Checked It Out

Saturday afternoon I went to the venue for the wedding I'm to photograph.  Pretty place - rustic with charm oozing from every exposed wooden beam.  Neat place with lots of character and as many suitable spots for pictures. 

It was hot as blazes while I was there getting the 50-cent tour with the owner. I'm praying for a few clouds on the big day so I can get some outdoor shots in the shade.  Yep, there are some trees that provide shade and each location will be utilized to its fullest -anything to prevent the bride's white dress from being one glowing mass. 

We have had two nights in a row of booming thunder and lightning with nary a drop of rain.  Quite a spectacle to watch and hear but everything outside needs water to survive.  Finally, this afternoon we had some clouds glide through and blessed us with a bit of rain -- 1/4 inch in the rain gauge.  MIGHTY nice.  Thank you, Lord!!


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