Friday, July 6, 2012

Sizzling in Dixie

Wowwweee, it was a hot one today.  Went up to 100* again, getting so it's a daily event.  Sure don't want to think this is a normal temperature!  I'd take 70's again without hesitation.

I'm heading out somewhere tomorrow to see if I can find a back-up camera battery.  Wish I had thought about it sooner and ordered one online.  DRAT, where WAS my mind??  Oh, maybe it has been cooked with all this heat. 

It's been so hot and dry around here...that the garden, yard, flowerbeds - everything is drying up.  We can't keep everything watered and we sure could use some rain. Not sure how many things we will lose but another day or two of these oven temperatures and things will be getting serious.  Whew, God is really trying to get our attention.     

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