Monday, July 9, 2012

The Front of a Front

Somehow I found a ton of energy this afternoon so headed to the backyard about 2:30 to deadhead the butterfly bushes which were getting out of hand and covered with spent blooms.  They looked awful and were really an eyesore - so I grabbed my snippers and clipped off all the old tips.  Takes a bit of effort but the bushes now look so much better.  Nope, I'm not posting any before shots.  Way too embarrassing.  My neighbor has some yard fluff that I think is way over the top so not going to post any after shots either since her birds with flapping wings, chicken 'n chicks, tacky tree decor, tin man hanging, pink flamingos, etc. would be a bit junky in the background. 

When I let the butterfly plants grow larger, they perform a wonderful job of blocking the unsightly scene, but now my plants are slimmer and shorter and thus not quite doing an adequate screening job.  I might have to rethink the idea of  trimming them too much the next time.  Some years she tones down all this yard clutter but this year it seems anything and everything is fair game in the yard - right in my line of view. I don't mention it because I'm afraid she might increase her "beauties".       

Can't believe it, but we are having a bit of thunder rumble and the sky went from sunny to overcast in a matter of minutes.  There appears to be a front coming through NC but is again to be primarily south of us.  That's a bummer.  This has happened several days recently as fronts move through with great fanfare only to give up its precious rain to some other location.  I'm praying we get some rain in our area this time which is so desperately needed. The weather forecast looks promising for precip the next 24 hours.  And I'm still praying.  Sweetz was heading out to water our garden but with the promise of rain, he decided to wait and see if we get anything out of this front. 

Our stargazer lilies are just beginning to bloom and I definitely want to get some pictures of them. Their fragrance is out of this world. And the tiger lilies are in full bloom now too.  Both are exceptionally beautiful.  Wonder if I can head out safely to snap a few pictures before this storm hits us... 

Later...OK, got a decent one of the stargazer lily.   

Stargazer Lily's first bloom this year - a hundred left to open

Our porch cherry tomato plant produces about 8 beauties every day!
Tiger lilies are top heavy but if we were little people, we could look up and see beautiful blooms


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