Sunday, July 29, 2012

Expected Time of Arrival

Today was a beautiful day, all sunny with the prettiest fluffy white clouds floating in a sea of blue.   

The bride and I have decided on 2pm as the time for me to deliver the wedding pictures tomorrow.  She's very excited but I know I am just as excited to have that sense of satisfaction to be able to give them to her.  I need to wrap the paperweight in some lime green tissue paper and then I'll be ready.  Ahhhh, I can hardly wait to see her smiles.  Sweetz will be going with me and we will meet our son for lunch after we do a bit of shopping while we are out.   

This afternoon I spent some time reviewing the wedding pictures and it was amazing to see the actual 1.5 hours blended into a sea of wedding bliss via a slideshow.  With smiles and flowers and promises witnessed by family and friends, it was a glorious day for both the bridal couple and also for me.  What a splendid experience - I loved every minute. 

We went to church with some friends today.  The SS lesson was inspiring and the church service was reverent and meaningful.  Afterward we ate at our usual Sunday restaurant with friends.  Afterward, we gave them some of our garden veggies which they seemed to appreciate.  She's a great cook so I'm sure everything will be used within the next few days in some wonderful dishes.  

The Sweetz and I have been trying to come up with some  possible fall trips.  Yesterday, he chose five of his favorite bus tours and we asked some friends who are always wanting to travel with us if they'd like to join us on one of these, but they are rather tied up with Carolina season tickets during the fall season. This afternoon we began to seriously consider the possibility of taking the camper so that's again in the running - and it's definitely my favorite mode of traveling.   He wants to go to Key West - I want to go to Texas.  BUT we remembered September weather could be really hot in both of those areas so they were tossed as September destinations. Lots of time has been spent thinking but still we have nothing definite, but that's the fun of wondering just what we'll see around that next curve...   

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