Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shorter Lifespan

Today on the TV I learned that sitting can shorten your life.  Oh dear.  I sit alot.  Should I say good bye now or wait? 

I finished my book this morning before attacking the to-do list for the day.  Then this afternoon I started another one.  Hey, this one grabbed me in just a few paragraphs and it's the first book in a series.  OKAY!! Hard to put down a good book, but there were things that needed to be done first.  So, up from my chair I  popped.  

After taking a quick shower and washing my hair, off I started on my day's excitement. I prepared green beans for canning and got them done.  The pretty jars are now cooling on a towel in my kitchen and will be delicious this winter.  Well, maybe by me but maybe by someone else since I'm supposed to die earlier than my stand-up counterparts.

I also made a key lime pie.  We reluctantly let it sit in the fridge for over an hour and then enjoyed a slice.  Didn't take a picture of the pie or the slice but I do have a couple of dirty dessert plates in the sink.  Yeah, there is some pie left - but then I would have to get up from here and that might add time onto my life expectancy. 

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