Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Already FEBRUARY!!!

Yes, where did the time go since my last blog?  Well, here and there and everywhere.  Didn't really seem like there was much to blog about, and I was playing with learning my new phone. 

We've eaten out with friends, I've spent some days with my mom, I've shopped, we've enjoyed being outdoors with this uniquely mild winter weather, reading, cooking, etc.  Just stuff, probably not all that interesting to anyone but us home folks. 

Mom and I went to Greensboro on Tuesday and spent the day shopping and talking and just being together.  We ate at the Green Valley Grill, which serves the most delicious food, and one of my favorite restaurants.  I chose a paella dish with shrimp, sausage, and chicken - I had the chef hold the mussels which weren't my favorite and he sent me a message that he'd add more shrimp to compensate.  I took a picture with my new phone but noticed the Verizon salesman had left the protective plastic cover on it so the picture wasn't clear.  When I looked at the pictures, I immediately removed the protective sheeting from the lens on the back of the phone.  Duh! Oh well, live and learn.

Mom bought a beautiful liquid silver necklace from Coldwater Creek - it is just exquisite.   Me?  Well, do I get points for looking at everything in the store?  I bought us treats at Ben and Jerry's and we actually sat outside at a picnic table in the sun.  Yep, and it was JANUARY!   We also went to DSW and I bought two pair of shoes...more in line with my new retired lifestyle.

Today, I went to mom's church as her guest at the February senior lunch.  The meal was catered and was delicious: pork tenderloin/gravy, mashed potatoes, corn with limas, tea/coffee, and blueberry or apple cobbler.  Wow, real good.  The program was a barbershop quartet from Greensboro who thrilled us with love songs of both the true love type as well as the "love stinks" variety.  Two of the songs included Hard, Hearted Hannah and Let Me Call You Sweetheart.  

Sweetz was in the garden while I was gone and reported he had worked up the soil in several of his raised beds and had added 10 wheelbarrow loads to the garden.  Wow, we'll be having some great produce this year at this rate!  He does love working in the garden! Look what he brought in from the garden today which is still producing through this warmer winter! Amazing. 

Tomorrow we are planning to head to Danville to have lunch and then watch the movie, "Gray".  I wouldn't be surprised if the car ends up in the Hobby Lobby parking lot!

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