Saturday, February 4, 2012

Darryl's and Beyond

Mom and I did the big city today.  I usually like to leave the shopping events to a weekday but for some reason off we went today - a Saturday no less.  We rubbed elbows with the worker bees and even had to park ROWS away from the stores.  Imagine how spoiled we are on a weekday to find parking spots right up near the shop doors. 

We ate lunch at Darryl's and it was awesome.  Good food, interesting atmosphere, great waiter.  We sat on the upper level near a suspended metal elevator with a family in it.  The little boy was about 8 or so and was so tickled he was seated in it.  It was all I could do not to keep smiling and waving at him.  And he would GRIN right back. I captured him in this photo inside the elevator looking at me as I took the picture.  

We had lasagna, baked potato, and steamed broccoli.  Yummmy in the tummy.

After lunch we checked out a few shops, one of which was the notorious Williams-Sonoma.  Neat place with all kinds of kitchen gadgets, utensils, linens, bakeware, appliances, etc.  I chose a great cookbook which I'm hoping will rev up my interest in cooking healthy meals.

And I bought a package of green, black and white kitchen towels. They are sure to make me love drying the dishes!  Then I fell in love with a green, white, and yellow striped apron which I also bought.  Yep, I'm just POSITIVE they will help me cook better!

The apron and towels are now in the hamper so they can be washed before I use them.  Just imagine how many shoppers handled my purchases with dirty hands before I brought them home with me!!!  Yuck 

After checking out a few more shops, I had the most delicious treat at Red Mango - a blackberry and pomegranate frozen yogurt concoction topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, dried cranberries, and cherries.  Oh, oh, oh, was it ever goooood.  I definitely want to go back for another frozen treat.  There are cups and containers for the yogurt where you fill it with your choice or combination of frozen yogurts...and then you're off to a selection of enticing toppings from which to choose to go in or on it.  Some customers squirted on whipped topping and ended with a maraschino cherry.  You could even make a parfait layered to your heart's desire - or all could be creamed to a frosty smoothee to drink with a straw.  Everything looked luscious - it was hard to resist.  YEP, I would LOVE to give that place another try.  No pictures there, I was too busy eating my creation.

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