Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little Above Freezing

You'd get wet if you stayed outside very long today.  It's a raw, chilly, misty day ever so different than ones we've experienced here in many a day. But after all --- it IS winter.  And at least this stuff dropping from the sky is wet versus frozen and white.  But snow would have been pretty coming down.  There's nothing quite as pretty as a gentle snowfall.  A light snowfall, nothing much, just enough to cover the ground and grant me pretty photos.  But it is wet here today and I'm happy about that too.  But no pictures today.

A favorite restaurant reopened this week and today was the first day Sweetz and I risked a walk through their busy doors.  Our friends arrived first and had a booth to share with us so we didn't have to wait in line for a table.  The walls are freshly painted in soft pastels, there is recessed lighting gentle to the eyes, and new tables and booths.  The food was just as I remembered it - my entree today was baked chicken with baked potato and a salad.  Cooked to perfection.  Our waiter was nearly perfect and we enjoyed sharing these moments with a couple of friends.   

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Not my favorite past time but is for many.  May your favorite team win. I finished reading another book this afternoon.  It was pretty good, not the best author, but I got through it and now I'm ready for another author.  Not tonight, but another day.  I'm meeting some girlfriends for supper tomorrow night - we always have a great time together.  There will be much teasing and laughter and fun. Looking forward to it.  And I don't have to drive in the snow! 

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