Sunday, February 19, 2012

The White Varieties

Today began with the white stuff falling from the skies which was anywhere from snow to rain and everything inbetween.  It tickled the desire to see some of the white stuff and finally late in the afternoon we finally got the promised snow.  I was actually thinking the weathermen were fantasizing about snow falling, but they were actually right.  It was pretty and I got outside a bit to try to capture some decent pictures before the light was gone.  

In the meantime I've entertained myself with reading and snippets of TV, but mostly cruising the internet.  I checked out some of the history and life in New Zealand.  Very interesting to read of their lifestyle, animals, homes, food, etc.  Since NZ is adjacent to Australia, I browsed some of that country too and then finished my world tour with Canada.  Wonder where I will cybercruise next?  It's interesting to read about other countries and how they differ from life here.  Of course, our life is rapidly changing here in the US, but so much of the change I'm not convinced is the best for us.   Ah, but that's another blog for another day.

I finished the book I had started but haven't started another one.  It was book #2 in a series so since I don't have #3, it is anyone's bet what will happen to the characters.  The book didn't end with any finality so I'm sure I will have to read the third book in that series to settle all the issues.  Let's hope the library has the needed book on the shelf when I return these books.  And of course, I need to remember which book I wanted. So many books - so little time. 

Sweetz is still suffering from a bad head cold.  I try to keep his germy hands out of the kitchen.  Guess what he wanted for supper?  Ice cream!  Easy peasy, I'd say.


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