Monday, February 20, 2012

It Was Pretty

It's white, white, white here.  Very pretty to look at, but the sun is shining brightly and the white, white, white is now falling from the trees and also melting off the roads.  Oh, but it is still beautiful...for now...but it's still early in the morning. 

Looks like we received about 3 inches or so of snow yesterday and it was a beautiful winter wonderland here until about noon.  No ice fell on the trees or power lines so that's a good thing.  It's a dry snow so it fell quickly from any spot above ground level when the sun hit it this morning.  There is some snow left on the ground, but it's off the roads and trees now.  With tomorrow's temps, it looks like the remainder of the snow will melt fairly quickly.  Glad I got out early this morning to take a few pictures before it started melting. 

My dear Sweetzy Poo made a "little boo boo" in the bathtub plumbing redo today.  He was trying to help, he really was!!!  BUT, he screwed right into a water pipe and then he had to turn off the water to the whole house and call the plumbers back for visit #3. He must have been embarrassed, but he bravely faced the music.  After they left he patched the hole with the piece of sheetrock I had cut and it fit perfectly.  This time he carefully noted the path of the water pipes prior to his screwing the sheetrock to avoid making the same mistake again.  I wonder if the plumbers were laughing all the way back to their shop.  Whatever.  We are doomed to make mistakes in this life but we now have three plumbing bills to pay in just one month.  Yipe$$.  When does the fun start?  

I started cleaning the rescued blue tiles and I found I have only 9 full tiles to work with.  Yeah, the plumbers said they broke 4. HAHA  What year of elementary math did they complete??!! Only NINE whole tiles and lots of room for something else to substitute to completely re-tile the area. I like things done well but this is really going to be a challenge. I will have to be a magician to fix this.  Wonder if I could use smoke and mirrors to reflect blue tiles from another area?  But fix it I must whether it looks natural or not.  If they had left me the broken tiles, I might have been able to salvage enough to come up with something creative.  But my solution will now be bordering on miraculous.  Any ideas out there from my followers in cyberland??

Brian called on the phone this morning and we talked for hours.  About what you ask?  Well, this, that, and the other, of course. Mother/son discussions can range from informational to the funny and back. We are trying to come up with another date to get together for lunch.  Those are always nice times.  He still loves his job while my DIL continues to look for another temp or FT job. The boys are doing fine in school and their extracurricular activities.

I got a text from the GA son this morning letting me know he heard we got snow -- while they were enjoying 61* weather. Talk about rubbing it in.     

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