Thursday, February 9, 2012

Straight As A Stick

Another day in the life of a quitee, just a few more weeks before I am a full-fledged retiree. Documentation did not arrive today for the additional two pages that must be completed from my previous workplace.  What we won't do for a small stack of quarters!

Speaking of quarters, hubby has a new hobby of collecting old coins.  He informed me today that wants to purchase some sort of special on old quarters - or did he say nickels?  Whatever, not my thing.  But he's inspired and it's ok as long as it does not deplete my own stack of quarters. 

I had a hair appointment this morning deciding it was time for a new Scissor Lady.  Went back to a former scissorsnipper.  She's sweet and holds a degree in scissor efficiency.  She was showing me the uneven previous snipping.  It nearly hurt to watch. But the hair is cut (evenly this time).  It's straight, except for some angling toward the face.  It's ok, but I will have to learn to do this straight thing she did with it. Mr. Sweetz likes it and since it pleases me to please him, I will remain straight...well, and that too. 

Mom came for a visit this afternoon as I was saving her birthday pictures to a memory card.  She sat and watched me finish and then we chatted awhile then headed out for dinner.  Sweetzie Poo decided to remain home this time.  Mom/daughter time is a good thing.  She wants to print another set of the pictures, stating she would never turn 90 again so we'll hit the local drugstore photo kiosk one day soon.  A friend of hers died yesterday and the funeral will probably be Sunday afternoon.  We had previously made some plans for Sunday evening but it still might work out that she can attend both. 

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