Friday, February 24, 2012

Front Came Through the Back

It was another beautiful day today - actually went up to 80* today!  Amazing weather!!  I sat outside on the front porch and enjoyed the sun awhile, but the wind picked up and then a front came cruising in to ruin my grand day.  I had some of my plants outside to enjoy the spring-like temps so had to rush them inside.  I was able to stay outside on the porch until the wind pushed the rain in my face so went inside. Another minute and I would have been drenched to the bone. Limbs from our poplar trees were popping off and dropping in the front yard and I wasn't sure if I'd live to see morning if I didn't get inside.  The wind has been howling ever since and the temps are dropping to a more seasonal range for the next week so Mr. Weatherperson announced today. 

Went to visit one of our neighbors today and while we chatted we decided we'd visit another neighbor who has cancer.  Although she's still moving around quite well, things don't seem to be going well with her treatments, seems the cancer has spread.  We thought it would be nice to visit her since she seems to spend so much time alone these days.

Sounds like the wind has finally died down.  Ooooh, that silence is such a sweet sound.  Spoke too soon, it's still there, just must have been taking a breather to catch me off guard.  Whosh, wonder if we'll have a roof by morning?       

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