Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Plumber's Tape

Tape, wrenches, pipes, silicon, attachments, and all those specialty plumbing tools are all scattered over the kitchen floor.  The sink is out on the floor.  All this for a leak!!!!  And a bill, always a bill. 

The guys are helpful and seem very thorough, willing to do all we need.  We decided we would ask them to exchange the shower handles in one of the bathrooms while they are here.  Oh boy, we might need to mortgage the house to pay for all this.  OK, what is that strange hissing noise?  A heat gun or plumbers torch.  Yipes, FIRE.  Surely they know what they are doing!  Smoke alarm is wide open!  Doors are open, windows are cracked.  Now, he's fanning in front of the alarm to get it to quit. It's LOUD!!  Whew, finally........ ahhhh...silence prevails.  That thing is so sensitive - but I'm actually thankful for its sensitivity.  OK, everything is under control...he's holding tools again - the repair job continues.......

They left to get a needed part:  old house = old plumbing. They're back now.  New parts for old house and old pipes.  Miracles are in the works. Oh dear, I just remembered I had some unmentionables drip drying in the shower...dear, dear.  Wonder where they are right now!!! One of the men is in the bathroom now...can't look now!

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