Saturday, January 28, 2012

On The Court

Sweetz and I met our son and family at the gym to watch our grandson play basketball.  Real neat.  He really hustles and is a good asset to the team.  His team won 28 to 22.

Then we all went out to eat a sandwich at a local deli and sat at the table long after we finished eating and enjoyed spending time together. 

Sweetz and I did a bit of shopping after we left the deli and then I casually mentioned that he could get me a smart phone (as we passed the Verizon store) for Valentine's Day.  He smiled and drove in the parking lot.  I decided if they weren't busy (today's a Saturday) and IF the salesman was nice, I'd go for it.  Well, Devin was exceptional and opened the door for me as I got near the entrance and never let up on the grand treatment the entire time. 

It took awhile to transfer the info from our account to the new phone, transfer pictures, contacts, etc.  I gave Sweetz my old phone and we'll chunk his old phone which is pretty beat up by now.  Devin gave me an informative orientation to the phone after all the paperwork and transfers were completed.  Since I've used a couple of phones belonging to other people, it wasn't all that difficult to follow the instructions.  BUT there is much more to learn but I'll muddle through until I conquer it. One step at a time. 

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