Saturday, February 25, 2012


Mom and I ate lunch at a local diner today - they have the bestest in the world food you know!  Well, everything I've ever eaten there is awesome.  I chose the unhealthy fried chicken special.  It was delicious.  Ate it all - and it was a 3 napkin meal. Didn't need any dessert, I was full as a tick when I finished the lunch.

Mom has been wanting more of the pictures from her 90th birthday reception so off we went to the local Wal-Mart.  It does seem that she certainly enjoyed herself and is so thrilled to see the pictures over and over again. I'm glad we did it and know she's that proud of it.  She called tonight to say she had looked and looked at the pictures she bought today.  Our son had taken a few pictures so we printed some of those plus a few more of the ones that Linda and I took.  She's planning to give each of the ladies some of the pictures that they're in.  Thought that was a neat idea.  But she still wants a few more, ok, that's fine - we'll head back another day to print those too.   

I'm hoping the front has moved on past us finally.  The wind has been strong now for two days and nearly whipped us both on our rears as we walked out of Wal-Mart today.  Funny how the wind can surprise you when you aren't thinking about it.  Sweetz thinks he can make it to church tomorrow, hope he feels better soon.  And I certainly hope he doesn't have a relapse being out in the cold air.  Well, he might change his mind by tomorrow morning.  So, we'll just have to play it by ear. 

Today we got the plumber's bill.  Let's just say I'm still in shock.  You'd think someone here had brain surgery with that total at the bottom!!  Cough, choke.  Think they'd be interested in my help organizing their shop in exchange for reducing this bill?!! Or maybe we won't eat for 6 months... Sweetz said our trip west might just be to the western side of our state...

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