Friday, February 3, 2012

Anxiously Waiting

Another day...and it was a good one.  I spent some time chatting with the Sweetz Guy who shares this abode.  We're wanting to take a trip and he's thinking the destination should be Florida.  I'm rolling the word "west" over my tongue, around the roof of my mouth, and swishing it over the teeth, but somehow Sweetz Guy over-rules me with that "Florida" word.  I'm also wanting to take the RV and he's thinking it would be better to do the car/motel combo.  Gracious, do I EVER WIN anything???

I got ready and picked up a friend at my old working place and we went to a neat diner that has the very best fried chicken this side of heaven.  And today it was just as good as I remembered.  Can anyone say "perfect".  We sat and talked awhile after we finished eating and tried to catch up with all the news.  She still works at the ole place so there were lots of changes in personnel and departments that were interesting to hear.  Sure am glad I'm not there living the worker bee life though. My old boss was "let go" about a year ago so if there I would have a new boss, but Tanya said she's real nice and is trying hard.  Even though I know I would like her...ahem...that's ok, I'll take my life now over going back there. 

I'm getting ready to hit the retirement age button and will soon be able to receive my teeny retirement check from that place. So, Sweetz and I spent some time tonight doing our best to complete the forms.  Decisions were made after much discussion and pencil pushing.  Documentation was completed and hopefully signed properly.  The only thing left is a signature in front of the plan administrator and then I'll be able to sit back and watch the buck$ pour in.  ...oh, you mean they won't "pour" in???  Probably "dribble" is closer to the appropriate description.  
After deciding my new phone is working properly, I attached my label to the rebate forms and have it ready to get in the mail tomorrow.  Verizon is to send me a $50 Visa gift card in a few weeks so it would be nice to have it prior to going on our western Florida trip.  Do you think if I was really really REALLY nice, he would think the west trip would be the top choice?  Not sure I can be that good for that long...

I fixed a delicious supper tonight using the pickin's from our winter garden.  There's just not much in the world as tasty as fresh veggies.  Sweetz planted some early spring seeds today - he's definitely anxious to see some garden action.  I'm thinking he's going to have trouble doing much traveling, but I'm sure wanting to get away for a trip or two before full gardening chores begin.

After lunch with Tanya, I stopped at a friend's house and we chatted outside in her front yard where the sun warmed our backs.  What a wonderful winter weather treat we are having this year. 

The volunteer typing job still awaits. Maybe I can get it licked tonight. Riiiiiight.

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