Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grab The Maps

Tioga George is down in Guatamala and I'm still here in my little town.  He's seeing some of the world while I see my backyard.  Old Fat Man and Billie Bob are cruising around in TX. The Miranda team is in Canada.  I could get depressed but I'm trying to stay optimistic. See my smile??!! Things could be a lot worse.  But I have the hitch-itch - BAD.  The Sweetz and I finally came to an understanding yesterday that we'd go somewhere - maybe only for a short stretch, but at least we could get away.  Sweeeet!  Seems although the winter was milder, we still hunkered here with an eye out for spring.  Our little camper isn't designed for cold weather,

so guess it was best to stay in the house till spring springs.  OK, I'll try to have a better attitude, but it's HARD to be sweet and kind all the time!!

We are going to see the tax man this morning.  Joy of all joy$!!  Time to pay the piper. Then we'll swing by for mom and head to the big city to meet Brian for lunch.  Hope we have a few pennies left in our pockets to pay for our meals after we dig deep to keep the piper happy. Brian wants to treat his grandma to a birthday lunch and it's been nearly impossible to get everyone's schedules meshed.  He'll be on his lunch hour so we won't be able to see the rest of the family because of school and work, but we'll catch up with them another time.

The skies are overcast and some sprinkles are messing up my desire for a warm and sunny spring day.  Today is Feb 29 and it's a leap year which only comes one out of four years.  That's right, isn't it?  After all, it's been YEARS since I've thought about leap year.  Anyhow, why is it called Leap Year anyway?  Maybe I should trying leaping around today!  Naaah, I'd probably break a leg...  

Our betta doesn't seem to be acting right.  Haven't seen Al eat for a few days. Is there a vet who'll see a betta????    

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