Monday, February 13, 2012

Calgon, Take Me Away

11:00 am
The plumber team returned this morning about 8:30 with the appropriate bathtub fixture kit.  All started fine, then went downhill fast.  They are now coming in with tools of all shapes and sizes.  Crazy noises are coming from the bathroom sounding like drills, vacuums, screechy wrenches, tools dropping, ripping sounds.  The worst sign...they are now keeping the bathroom door closed, even when they both go outside.  And they aren't talking to me at this point.  I'm not talking either, trying to maintain some patience and understanding.  I'm thinking the worst and now might have to look up the phone number of Beautiful Bathrooms After Plumbers Leave to see if we can have our bathroom repaired.  I'm sure it will never be ready for a magazine spread but just decent would be nice.  Well, it's an old house and they are usually not the cheapest to repair.  Nope, I haven't peeked in the bathroom.  No reason at this point since I don't want to have to call 911.  Trying to be patient. 

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