Monday, February 6, 2012

And Also Dessert

I'm meeting a couple of friends tonight at Olive Garden.  OG has a special of a 3-course Italian dinner for $12.95 and I THINK that's what I'll choose.  Oh yeah, the friends are much more important than the meal...and I'll try to capture a photo.  My girlfriends are both blond so I'll be the one that is different, but that's me anyway - different.  They are both younger than me...different.  They both have full-time jobs...different.  Both are nurses...different. But we're still friends!!  And I'll be different if I'm LATE, so I need to hustle.  TTFN.

Well, I'm home, late night but it was a nice evening.  This particular OG didn't have the $12.95 special, so I ordered lasagna which was super, all you can eat salad, bread sticks, tea, etc. Miss Heather was our flaky waitress, couldn't get two things done right in a row.  Bless her heart, she was nice, but just isn't cut out to be a good waitress.  

I also left my camera home, so got no pictures from the evening.   We promised each other we'd meet again in a few weeks.  It's always nice to spend time with them.  It's sleepy time here, this one needs to flake out in the bed.  So, I'll close and promise to add more another day.   

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