Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shades Of Blue

Mom completed this needlepoint footstool cover and gave it to me last night.  Today I stapled it onto the padded top of a footstool kit...

...and NOW I am the proud owner of a beautiful footstool in my living room.  Just think, my 90yo mom did this intricate floral design in needlepoint!  

Sweetz and I went to Lowes this morning and bought a piece of sheet rock plus some the other needed supplies in order to begin work on several of our DIY home projects.  With the template the plumber left for us, I cut a new piece of 3/8" sheet rock and was able to transfer the placement for the four holes.  Seems we have misplaced our 1.25" hole maker so we'll buy a new one tomorrow and get this baby screwed in the bathroom "hole" left by the plumbers. Then I'll be ready to retile. 

And these are the rescued tiles left by the plumber after he broke four of them.  We looked for this baby blue tile today while we were in our local Lowes Home Improvement store with no success.  After all, this shade IS 40 years old.  I plan to head to a specialty tile store tomorrow to buy a few coordinating colored tiles since I doubt I can find a perfect match.  I'm hoping I can use some of these light blue ones mixed with a new color/s in order to make an interesting design that won't be yelling "I'm replacement tiles because the plumbers broke some of my brothers".  

We bought a bamboo commode seat/cover today and Sweetz already has that installed.  Isn't he a sweetz!  Maybe we will so admire the new wooden seat that we won't notice the huge gaping hole in the middle of the blue tile tub surround.  Yeah right!

I also bought some grass cloth wallpaper for the kitchen redo.  But that's for another day...and another blog. 
Don't rush me...I can only do one thing at a time!

My library books are due tomorrow so I need to remember to take them back while out on my wanderings. Perhaps I should send myself a message/reminder to my phone!!  After all that's what technology is for...   

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