Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday morning was a beauty - all sunny and warm so out I went to do a bit of snipping. It seemed impossible to stay indoors. Even the hydrangeas got their old blooms decapitated.  A couple of weeks ago I pruned the butterfly bushes and lo and behold I notice they are popping out with green shoots up and down the remaining stems.  The forsythia branches I'm forcing inside are popping with color now too.  All promises of spring.

But something happened in the afternoon:  my sunny day disappeared and in it's place the sky became overcast.  Within minutes of crawling into bed last night, the house rumbled after a huge noise erupted and the sky burst into a light show.  Time for a winter thunderstorm!  It only lasted maybe 15 minutes but the wind blew, the house creaked, things rattled on the walls and in cabinets, the windows burst with violent lightning, and then the rain poured.  Now where did THAT come from??  I turned on the TV and the local weatherman was asking the same question and seemed baffled as well.  

Sweetz is still suffering from his head cold so he's been resting most of the time.  I'm playing nursemaid, and since I draw the line with him coming into the kitchen, I have to keep his glass and snack dish refilled.  Of course, there's no help with meals or cleanup now either. Bummer. That's ok, he'd do the same for me. Ummmm, he would, wouldn't he???

Today is supposed to be in the 70s!!!  Gracious, that's a huge difference from our usual February temps.  But I'll take these sweet days anytime.  Sweetz received his broccoli and cabbage plants he ordered from a seed company and now is chomping at the bit to get them planted.  Our pea seeds have not come up so he'll have to replant them.  But he doesn't mind...he loves all that garden time. 

I have an errand list that keeps growing so need to head out this morning to cross some of those off.  The most important item on the list is to pay the car insurance which is due tomorrow.  Since it wasn't mailed, I'll have to head to the local office to pay it.  I'm sure the stamp would have been cheaper than the gas to town. Duh!  Ya'll behave until I get back now...


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