Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's been a grand day around here.  Things have worked out for so many things and it's been gratifying to accomplish some extra tasks.  All I need is a big chalkboard so I can write down items and be able to scratch them off as they are completed.  With the temps hovering near 50, it was also wonderful to have warm feet.  I even went outside a bit and thought too late of hanging my sheets outside on the line.  That's such a great bonus and makes crawling between the covers such a treat!  That's ok, there will be another day for that. 

I also worked on some items in my mending pile.  You know, the one that keeps growing when you turn your back.  I didn't finish, but it was nice to see things mended and now usable once again. It does seem that the new items are the ones that rip and tear though.  Definitely is obvious that the workmanship of imported items are substandard and is just a matter of time before a repair job is needed on each.  I miss the days of a quality product but I'm sure they are over.  That's one of the reasons I enjoy making some of my own things - to get a better quality product which will last more than one use.

This is the basket that my mom made for me when I was engaged to yonder Mr. Sweetz - it's definitely seen a lot of action between a pair of scissors and a sharp needle. 

Sweetz started the first winter puzzle yesterday - about the only pieces left are fairly solid black.  Who comes up with these puzzles anyway??!!  Well, guess I picked it out, so obviously I can only blame myself.

Tomorrow I have to make the library run.  Since I have a few other stops, it will be awesome to walk in the library and notice the old book smell.  Who knows what treasures the next books will spill?? 
Ahhh, the anticipation of a good book!  I've waited my entire life for the chance to read another book. 

And this old basket is still tight as a drum - yep, I made it myself.  It was my first basket  and was made from a kit. Not sure kits are available anymore.  But not wanting to invest in extra supplies, I decided a kit was nice because there were sufficient supplies to make one basket, right down to the reeds and the handle. And my friend, Tena, told me it was AWESOME, which literally made my head swell. She asked me the other day if I still had it - I may have to tote it around one day so she can see it. She's going to show me how to make hammered jewelry this month.  I know the process has a grand name but can't remember it right now.  At least the process may help me relieve some stress - and hopefully I don't get my thumb caught under the hammer head.  Ouch 

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