Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today was sorta a ketchup day.  Naaaah, not that thick red stuff from a bottle - but as in catch-up.  There were several loose ends I needed to tie up and I was able to tie a few.  Not all, but some.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can complete the rest.  I think I need a personal assistant.  One kind person who will organize my in-box by priority and do some research to assistant me in a few decisions.  But I'm afraid it will have to be me changing my hat to match the job description. 

I had a few interesting phone calls today.  One friend explained a situation and then asked my opinion.  Sometimes it's not easy to give another person, friend or no, the answer they seek.   It's not so much "The Road Less Traveled" as the road which they believe is the correct for their situation.  Sometimes it's best to listen and then support them in whatever choice they make.

Another choice I made today was to make an appointment with another ScissorHands.  Sometimes these decisions are difficult and sometimes they are easy. Wendy has sharp scissors and a sizzling curling iron along with her new tool of choice - a flat iron.  I'm not about to fork out a big pile of buck$ to have one of my own but
found a curling iron works real well with a few trusty moves, a steady hand, and constant movement.  I've known Wendy for years as she was a pal of my twins and I've sat in her chair off and on during her hairstyling career.  She always gives a good cut so that continues to be my wish.  You can walk out of a salon looking stunning and stylish, but it's what you are left with after your first shampoo at home that is the true test.  Ok, Wendy, you're on! 


Rain drops on old iris leaves

And look what I found in the flower bed today!! a lone forsythia bloom enjoying the January thaw.

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