Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Pleasures

I woke to a wet yard, dripping trees, damp grass, and overcast skies.  But even rainy weather is still beautiful which only intensifies the colors of the tree bark, leaf mulch, and rocks in the yard.  Things aren't all drab in the winter as expected but vibrant in shades of browns, grays, and goldens.  There are even some sprinklings of greens in the grass and evergreens.  Guess I need to focus on the beauty all around me such as the tall oaks holding their graceful necks to the skies.  Yes, there's beauty all around.  But for now, there's a late breakfast in my life.  Then maybe I'll grab my camera and find an inspiring scene to photograph. 

3:45pm:  And now there's added eye candy.  Same view from this position as this morning now gives me a fantastic foggy scene. The background fades away leaving the emphasis on the foreground.  And that would be the birds enjoying their smorgasbord danging from a tree limb.  Some of the birds patiently wait their turn, while others head nudge all intruders away.  After all, it's THEIR dining table and no one else's.  The katz are enjoying some yard time and eyeing the birds.  There's no danger, they are much too slow to catch a bird. Just wondering...can the birds and katz can see through the fog better than we humans?

Foggy Afternoon

I see on the news that there's a bit of snow falling in Washington, DC.  I'll take the fog - but admit snow is beautiful while it's falling.


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