Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pushing Buggies


Ahhhh, it was a decent day, warmer than most January days so mom and I decided it was a fab day to run some errands.  She needed to check on her taxes, to pick up a prescription, grab a few groceries, and do some banking business.  I was the designated chauffeur and masterly worked in lunch and a break to round out the day.  We saw a few friends and it was nice to stop and visit with some along the way.  Since I want a smart phone - well, I think I want one anyway,  Betty and Ron happily showed me their new phones and all the bells and whistles.  Rather intriguing.  Might have to check out some smart phones one day soon. 

We had rain yesterday - receiving about 2 inches here on our back porch.  Today started overcast and ended overcast.  But the middle was sunny and nice.  That's a great way to experience a January day.

I plan to make a scrapbook of mom's 90th birthday so while at Wal-Mart today I printed 48 pictures.  There are more on another memory card, but this should help me get started. We sat at the Subway eatery so mom could enjoy reliving her special day with her friends. A couple of her friends dropped by our table and she enjoyed sharing the pictures with them too.  Now, it looks like I need to get to work on that scrapbook.  Sounds like a good cold-weather project to me.  Maybe tomorrow... 


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