Saturday, January 7, 2012

O Henry Hotel

Mom and I headed to the big city of Greensboro, NC today.  We thought we'd been good long enough and it was time for a special day out on the town.   We decided to go to Green Valley Grill for lunch.  That's a lowly name for a fabulous eatery located in the O Henry Hotel.  We both chose:

     *All Natural Pork Loin
     stuffed with caramelized onions and goat cheese, wrapped in bacon and served with sage-apple cider reduction, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetable (broccoli)

And was it awesome!!!  Can't wait to go again - umm, I'm available most any day...

After lunch, we did a bit of shopping.  The only thing I bought were some perky flowers from Kirkland's to put on dad's grave.  We stopped by the cemetery and removed the Christmas arrangement to save it to use next year.  Since it was getting a bit dark, we'll go back another day to arrange the new flowers snugly in the floral vase. Dad told us not to waste our money on flowers, but he'll smile that I love him enough to do it anyway. 

I received a commemorative certificate today in the mail thanking me for Wayne's military service.  Nice gesture.  It's not something I'll frame for the wall, but I'll keep it with the other memorabilia I have collected in his memory. 

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