Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday, the 13th

Today is Friday, the 13th.  Some folks are superstitious and find that a bit unsettling.  But today -- all day long -- was fine.  Chilly, but still fine.  But after all, it's winter, so it can only be just so fine.  There were no black cats, ladders to walk under, not even a broken mirror.  But with the way I've been dropping anything made of glass lately,  it's a wonder. Not sure why, but for several days anything glass is generally doomed to be dropped and broken.  It would be nice to get over this dropsy phase - that is, if the next phase isn't worse!  

I understand we're to have snow tomorrow night.  That could pose some problems with the people having to drive on the roads. So, I do hope the roads aren't a problem - and maybe the snow will only stick in people's yards.  Of course with a decent snowfall, I could bundle up and get outside and take a few pictures. 

We received some seed catalogs in the mail today and Sweetz is nearly beside himself checking out the tomato plants, onion sets, seed potatoes, as well as half the other things offered in the catalogs.  And right now we don't need to dwell on all those hot sweaty hours we have to invest to get those yummy veggies to the table. 

The weatherman for our area says NO SNOW.  Now, that's a gift that will make me smile!! Seems I'm not ready for snow yet - maybe later...

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