Monday, January 23, 2012

Favorite Things

I enjoy reading, but guess what?  I haven't read today!!!  REALLY... not one page!  And the book is sitting right here next to me.  I'm about half through The Dwelling Place.  Looks like I need to restructure my activities to free some time for reading.  Sounds good to me.

We were wanting something different for lunch today so BBQ became the choice. It was going to be the star but I had a new head of cabbage so fixed some slaw and was it ever good!!!   YUM, it was better than anything else on the plate.  There's just a snippet left which just goes to show that I should have made more.  Oh well, it is best when made fresh as most things are.  I like to cut out all the big white vein sections and exclusively use the green sections which holds the flavor.  Did I say it was yummy?  Yep, it was yummy!  Fresh is best.  But it's winter here in our region so we don't have many fresh things to choose from.  I canned and froze some things from our garden this past summer but really need to use them more often. After all...WHAT am I saving them for!!  Not as good as fresh, but sure comes in a close second.

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